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Here at BobaBoard, we strive to make it easy for you to support us: whether you'd like to give a one-time contribution, a monthly amount, or buy (and display) some cool bling, there's a support channel for you!

The BobaBoard Store (Merchandise)

Support two raccoons with one boba: BobaBoard's Development & Fandom Artists. Mesmerized by all the amazing art on our website? Now you can own it on stickers, charms and more! Not only that, but the artists get a commission for every merchandise run we print.

Buy merch at store.bobaboard.com

Ms. Boba's Not-So-Secret Journal Newsletter (Monthly Donation + Free Option)

Dive deep into BobaBoard's Secrets! For $5 a month (or $50 a year) you get exclusive access to Ms. Boba's brain dump, including a variety of topics like "BobaBoard planning docs", "development insights & retrospectives", or even just "rants against the commercialization of the web". The best part? You get to decide what to see next!

Find it at essentialrandomness.com

RobinBoob (One-Time Donation)

An April 1st joke gone ~serious~. Donate money, own a ship. Environmentally friendly guaranteed.

Exclusively at robinboob.herokuapp.com