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Be the Monarch of Your Own Realm!

From your own secret hideout to fandom-wide kinkmemes, BobaBoard lets you create moderated, privacy-oriented, forum-like communities for all your fandom interests (and beyond).

Find the place(s) you belong

Tired of the large, unmoderated cacophony of modern social networks? Too old and busy to keep up with the fast-paced environment of Discord servers (or to hunt for the right ones)?

With its flexible moderation & privacy tools, multimedial threaded discussions, and a high degree of customization, BobaBoard helps you build communities aligned with your interests and values.

Learn more about how Realms make it easy for anyone to find—and create!—their own corner of the web!

By Online Fans, For Online Fans

In an Internet shaped by overly-large corporations and profit-seeking Venture Capitalists, BobaBoard is designed for and made by those who live out their passions on the web.

Whether you're filled with rose-colored nostalgia for older online communities, or are seething at the missed opportunities to improve our spaces, believe us: we feel you, we hear you, and—most importantly—we build with you.

Discover BobaBoard's existing, planned, and ~aspirational~ features (and leave feedback!) on our Features page.

Experimental, chaotic-ethical, anonymity-first approach

Here at BobaBoard we're not afraid of building outside the box: from organizing questionably-awesome online events, to centering our product strategy around mostly-anonymous communities, we believe in the revolutionary power of letting your creative juices run wild.

Still, with great chaos comes great responsibility. When (and where) it matters, we know how to "git gud".

Read about our vision, philosophy and commitment to transparency in the second edition of our FUCQs.

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Parental Advisory

In the interim, BobaBoard's communities are restricted to 18+ members. Keep in touch for news on the creation of other independent communities.

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