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“Dress Your Fave as The Once-ler” Donation Drive

On 4/20/2020, BobaBoard will donate up to 420$ 1000$* to the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

On that day, simply post a fanart of your favorite character dressed as the Once-ler on Tumblr or Twitter with the hashtag “OncelerDonationDrive”. After the event is over, BobaBoard will donate:

  • 10$ for each personal fanart
  • 20$ for each commissioned fanart (help your fellow fandom artists!)
If you don’t have Tumblr or Twitter (or don’t want to post it under your name), you can also email the fanart at contact@bobaboard.com.

*Note: 250$ of the new 1000$ goal have been kindly donated by our friends at Commiss.io.


What are the Fanart Requirements?

The only requirement is that it’s a fanart of a fictional character dressed as The Once-ler. You can go as Big™ as you want (or as simple, but why would you want to do that?).

Ok, fine. We do require a little bit of effort to keep it fun for everybody. Please no stick figures. Try to spend at least 15 minutes on it.

What if I'm Bad at Art?

Just do your best. It's for fun and charity!

What Counts as an Approved Once-ler Outfit?

Both the Once-ler and "Greed-Ler" outfits are fair game. Just choose whatever you find smexiest.

He can be your angle... or yuor devil.

But what if my Fave is The Once-ler?

Well then, clearly, you gotta draw him naked.

Can I Submit more than one Fanart?


Do I have to Draw my Fave? Can I Draw Another Character?

You're free to follow your heart. In doubt, Boba-tan is always an excellent choice.

What Counts as a "Commission"?

In order to count under the "commissioned fanart" bracket, there should have been some sort of exchanged payment between the artist and the commissioner. The meaning of payment is wilfully left flexible: money, personal altars, and ritual sacrifices are all valid forms of payment as long as the artist accepts them.

What if I Already have a Fanart of my Fave Dressed as The Once-ler? Does that Count?

Since it's more about giving away money than the fanarts themselves, I will accept all valid submissions. But what about adding another fave to your Once-ler collection?

What Happens if the Amount of Fanarts Submitted Surpasses the Total Amount of Donation Money Available?

While I can't promise anything, I will do my best to enlist the help of friends, family and enemies to cover as much of the amount as possible.

In other words, after 1000$ worth of fanarts, this will turn into the watch-a-poor-webmaster-humiliate-herself-by-explaining-the-onceler-fandom-to-a-bunch-of-outsiders donation drive.

Can I Publish the Fanart before 4/20?

While I'd rather have all the fanarts be revealed on the day of for Maximum Potency™, I understand some people would rather spend the day celebrating (what else?). If you cannot make it on 4/20, feel free to publish the fanart beforehand! I will still hold off on reblogging until the day of.

I have no Idea who The Once-ler is and what he has to do with Fandom.

Buckle up then, cowboy!


Why miss the chance to have your charity run be as irritating as possible to the rest of the internet?

Come on, does it have to be The Once-ler?

Fine. You can also draw your fave dressed as a Minion.