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"Winter Solstice Fandom Bonanza"

It's that time of the year again

  • Who: Everyone!
  • When: December 21st - December 28th 2021
  • What: Holiday-themed Fanworks (Any holiday! Any fanwork!)
  • How: Share them with us on Twitter, Tumblr, or via email
  • Why: Because sharing* is what every holiday is about!


What are the Requirements?

As usual, we like to keep 'em light: whether it's fanarts, fanfics or gingerbread houses, Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, Kwanzaa or Festivus (and—why not?—even Easter!), share your holiday-themed fanworks with us to join our special Winter Solstice event. Any fanwork and any holiday counts!

With that said, we do require a minimum bit of effort to keep it fun for everybody. Please no stick figures. Try to spend at least 15 minutes on it.

How do I submit my artwork?

You can share it with us on Twitter, Tumblr, or via email! Either tag the BobaBoard account or use the tag #fandom bonanza (Tumblr) or #FandomBonanza (Twitter). Should we not see it and retweet/reblog it, do not hesitate to let us know!

What will you do with the submitted artwork?

We'll reblog/retweet them on our social account, sharing the merriness of the holidays with all other fandom folks! After the event is done, we'll collect all the entries in their own "BobaBoard Shrine", like we did for previous events.

Small note: shrines are currently experiencing some issue that will be solved with the excuse of in time for this event.

I heard something about raffles?

For every fanwork submitted, you'll get an entry in our special raffle! While the extent of prizes will be announced at a later time, they will include "ship ownership certificates" from RobinBoob as well as merch from the BobaStore.

Additional entries may be granted for particularly complex fanworks at the discretion of Ms. Boba. Also, our usual raffle rule: commissioned fanworks are worth double!

What Counts as a "Commission"?

In order to count under the "commissioned fanworks" bracket, there should have been some sort of exchanged payment between the artist and the commissioner. The meaning of payment is wilfully left flexible: money, personal altars, and ritual sacrifices are all valid forms of payment as long as the artist accepts them.

Can I submit holiday-themed work I did outside of this event?

Sure! To keep things fair, however, we won't enter these into the raffle and will just RT/reblog them and add them to the gallery.

Please let us know if it's an older artwork. We won't judge!